artist: Krink
title: The Great Filter
format: EP (12″+digital)
release date: 22/06/2018
cat. nr.: HYG005
label: Hold Your Ground
distribution: Wordandsound, The Orchard
total length: 33 Min.

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A1. Voices
A2. Incident Ray
B1. Faulty Memory
B2. The Great Filter

Unnatural, uneasy, unexpected. “The Great Filter” keeps you on your toes constantly, it makes your fingers tingle with anticipation and the hairs on your arms stand up from the tension. It is eerily calm and controlled, while it takes you to faraway places in the twilight, that don’t actually exist. Subdued, bright yellow light with no sun in sight. Wide plains with an inherent structure that can only be illogical. Unorganic sounds, alien voices, excited synths and sobering organs. Reality is so mundane.

The way we are now expecting it from Krink, he does what is unexpected and stretches conventions somewhere around techno and deep house. The music is driven by imagery rather than song structure. The EP puts cutting rhythms over comfort and sound over beauty. Like a focused dream, it is concrete and abstract. Let’s get found in the universe.