Another Set of Aglaia – yehaw! ♥ Your sound for the curfew

Closed clubs but close to each other.
For over a year, this pandemic has kept us on tenterhooks. It has shut down hopes, dreams, and clubs and there is still no end in sight. We long to dance together under the sun, the stars, the moon. To roam through dark labyrinthine clubs and the forest paths of colourfully decorated festivals. We long for the day when dreams become realities again and we finally hold each other in our arms in our club of choice. We are and will remain united in music.

Stay safe!

The sun, the stars, the moon
Open your eyes
It’s beautiful
Don’t cry
I love you
I miss you
I need you
The love is for you
Waiting for the breeze
Tell me what I can do
Keep me safe
Turn to me
The sun, the stars, the moon