“Genug Gelabert” was yesterday, today we rave again! After the release of their debut EP in 2020, Lina & Gwen Wayne are still solid and loud, and a bit upside down for sure. This time the two techno producers were involved in a breakbeat serenade with queerfeminist rap by Billi DeStabl. The whole thing is aptly titled “I Ain’t Your Bro” and will be released on 14.07.2021. The second track on the other hand has a fat garage bassline and in combination with the voices of Secret Act and Jay Pop sounds like a mix of mainfloor from our planet and 90s garage from another. The “Creepy Alien” will be released on 21.07.2021. And maybe then we’ll say it again: „Genug gelabert“ (Enough talk) – now more than ever!