artist: Kalipo | title: Alles gut | release date: 10/08/2017
format: EP (digital) | cat no.: HYG001  | distribution: The Orchard

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01. Alles gut
02. Air Water Bass
03. Schnuppe Stern
04. Zugluft
05. Weißes Rauschen
total length: 28 min.

“Alles gut” by Kalipo is the first release on brand new Audiolith daughter label Hold Your Ground. For this EP, Kalipo let the Berlin summer into his studio, which is hot and sticky and easy on some days, but also rainy, mystic and dark on others. On those days we head deep into the club and we don’t come out for days. The EP melts Kalipo’s trademark hypnotic techno and leftfield house with triphop, soul and jazz influences.

The title “Alles gut” is the question, reply and statement we use all the time. It’s the “All good? All good!” we give when we find our friends on the dancefloor of a festival, in the park or when we wake up next to someone who was a stranger the night before. The sunny first side of the EP is influenced by soul, jazz and the 90s with a hiphop style approach to production.The title track is ruled by a warm and funky bass line, accompanied by a summery guitar hook and sliced up samples. “Air Water Bass” uses dadaistic vocal fragments and leans into triphop with a juxtaposition of a churning bassline and hauntingly beautiful melodies. “Schnuppe Stern” is reminiscent of Kalipo’s first album “Yaruto” and it marks the transition from daytime to nighttime on the EP. With ”Zugluft” we have fully arrived in the club, closing with dehumanized vocals and an elevated heartbeat on “Weißes Rauschen”.

The EP as a whole features a very warm, individual sound, using claps instead of snares, low shakers and a muffled bass drum. This fuzzy feeling is reiterated by the cover, which features drawings of a 6 year old. It is addictive listening, “Alles gut” takes you by the hand and she doesn’t let go.

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