HYG017 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Wunderbar / Zig Zag

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artist: Kalipo & Local Suicide
title: Wunderbar / Zig Zag
format: EP (digital)
release date: 09/04/2020
label: Hold Your Ground
cat no.: HYG017
distribution: The Orchard


01 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Wunderbar
02 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Zig Zag
03 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Wunderbar (Italo Brutalo Remix)
04 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Wunderbar (Mufti Remix)
05 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Zig Zag (T.M.A Remix)
06 Kalipo & Local Suicide – Zig Zag (Back From The Wave Remix)

total length: 35 Min.


Off the back of their hot success from their previous EP Dominator, esteemed Bavarian producer Kalipo and the renowned Greco-German duo Local Suicide continue their pioneering collaboration by bringing us another impressive EP; turning them into something of a force to be reckoned with. After promising a year full of new material and intriguing remixes, the Berlin-based artists have done nothing but deliver a trail-blazing collaboration.
Releasing music conceived and designed for the club, Hold Your Ground, the sublabel to Audiolith, has nurtured the perfect storm for the fusion between Kalipo’s hypnotic and Local Suicide’s post-disco approach to the techno sound. With striking synths that cover a spectrum of notes and bringing back those distinct and seductive vocals that remind us of Dominator, their collaboration on both Wunderbar and Zig Zag manages to cleverly sync both their styles of production together and demonstrate their take on the new-wave, EBM movement.

The remixes that feature as part of this EP are outstanding, showing the complex and varied interpretations of the Kalipo x Local Suicide sound. Italo Brutalo’s remix of Wunderbar manages to manipulate the track into a trancey version of itself, editing the vocals into a computer-generated style and adding the rolling drum patterns to create suspense. Mufti’s approach is to emphasise that stomping kick drum, all while layering the different tone vocals over each other to turn the track into a murkier rendition of itself.

T.M.A’s method for Zig Zag is a whole transformation from its previous identity. Keeping the vocals so they only appear during the climax of the track, speeding up the BPM and adding in those notorious offbeat kicks really exemplifies what T.M.A is known for; producing atmospheric and progressive beats. Last but not least we have Back From The Wave’s take on Zig Zag. Its paralyzing approach to the melody and overwhelming timbre resonates throughout, leaving you overcome with emotion.

Wunderbar is truly an EP that takes centre-stage, possessing the power to transport you to a place you may have never been before. With different styles and influences making their mark on these tracks, Local Suicide and Kalipo’s versatility proves to be inspirational and attractive to all that encounter them.

Wunderbar, comprised of 2 originals and 4 remixes, is set to be released on the Hold Your Ground label on April 9th.



Credit: Kalipo & Local Suicide 2020

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