artist: Simon Dübell
title: Kids’ Stuff
format: EP (digital)
release date: 03/04/2020
label: Hold Your Ground
cat no.: HYG012
distribution: The Orchard

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01. Leila
02. Kids’ Stuff
03. Narrow
04. Nikt
05. Liquid
06. Closing Times

total lenght: 26 Min.

Simon Dübell’s “Kid’s Stuff” is a wonderful piece of electronica to escape reality with. The 6-track EP is rich with references to the likes of Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, James Holden and of course Kalipo who he featured with on his most recent album “Space Bob”. The young producer from Berlin evokes memories of simpler times, when our biggest worry was having to home by sundown. The title track conjures playtime without being childish, with a techno dance vibe curtesy of left-field loopy bell sounds. “Narrow” is a summer’s day woven from synths and vocal fragments. “Nikt” is more agitated and turns toward the night with its polyrhythmic melodies, where “Liquid” plays with warmer acoustic sounds. This brings us to “Closing Times” featuring a full acoustic guitar and chimes contrasted with The Avalanches-style sampling. We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane!