artist: Deorbiting
title: Buttondemasu
release date: 02/05/2018
format: digital single
label: Hold Your Ground
cat. nr.: HYG004
distribution: The Orchard

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01. Buttondemasu
02. Mayaku Wa Yarimasen
03. Buttondemasu (Que Sakamoto & NT Cho Baka Remix)

Imagine walking through your cornershop a little spaced out… Or maybe very spaced out. Your heart is racing, you are moving super slow like you are walking through cotton candy, but somehow your heart flutters. This is fun, because it feels like the most epic mission. You can do it, you will succeed! You will manage to buy some rizla and a packet of fruit pastels like it’s no big deal. With these provisions you will go back upstairs and supply what’s left of the troops. Deorbiting’s “Buttondemasu” is the track for this endeavor, no question. Trippy, paced and forward deep house. Or space house, beautiful and perfectly epic. The B-Side “Mayaku Wa Yarimasen” is for the after-after-hours back at the flat. Maybe on the rooftop if you are lucky. Slo-mo techno at it’s most conjuring. Try not to fall asleep in the sun, or at least put on a hat! The single is rounded off by Que Sakamoto & NT Cho Baka’s Remix with a funky twist and just the ideal amount of selectively applied vocals. Chapeau!