You run, your heart beats fast. You are breathing heavy, but steady. The surge of adrenaline makes you feel like you could do this forever. Awake, alert, excited or maybe a little scared of what’s going to happen. You can feel the sweat on your back and goosebumps on your forearms. It’s finally happening and it’s happening under your terms. You got it. “Dominator” by Kalipo & Local Suicide is an electro anthem full of physicality and furor, of determinedness and power. Vamparela’s vocals are like the voice inside your gut that you should listen to a little more often, while the driven bassline and 80s inspired analog synths will occupy your mind and focus your thoughts. “Crocodile”, the second track of the release, is the other side of the coin – not any less definite, however more haunted and introspected in contrast. It isn’t always easy, but let’s take control and dance it out before life eats us up!

The EP “Dominator / Crocodile” will be released on 5th February via Hold Your Ground, incl. remixes by Theus Mago a.k.a. Bufi from Mexico City and Radial Gaze from Saint Petersburg. In Berlin, sooner or later everyone meets. Let’s find out what more there is to be expected from this producer trio!